Vikings in Ireland in 795AD

Time line of Vikings in Ireland

  • 795AD – The Vikings arrived in Ireland and performed small raids
  • 806AD – The Vikings raided Iona Abbey, all 68 occupants were killed
  • 832AD – 120 Viking ships arrived in Ireland’s north eastern coasts
  • 836AD – The Vikings began to attack deeper inland
  • 841AD – Dubhlinn (Dublin) was created as a Viking settlement
  • 856AD – The Vikings created a settlement near Cork
  • 848AD – The Viking army are defeated in Sligo, Kildare, Cashel and Cork
  • 850AD – The Vikings created the settlement of Waterford
  • 851AD – Battle at Dundalk bay between Norse and Danish Vikings takes place
  • 852AD – Armagh is destroyed by Vikings
  • 869AD – King of Connaught defeated the Norwegian Vikings near Drogheda
  • 902AD – The Irish attacked and drove the Vikings from Dublin into Wales
  • 914AD – Large Viking Fleets arrived at Waterford. Settlements in Limerick and Wexford were built
  • 915AD – The Vikings attacked Dublin and regained control from the Irish
  • 928AD – Viking Massacre at Dunmore Cave in Kilkenny
  • 976AD – Brian Boru becomes King of Munster
  • 980AD – The Battle of Tara
  • 999AD – Brian Boru defeats the Vikings
  • 1002AD – Brian Boru becomes High King of Ireland
  • 1005AD – Máel Mórda mac Murchada begins to rebel against Brian Boru
  • 1014AD – Battle of Clontarf – Brian Boru & Máel Mórda mac Murchada are killed
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