1000 years ago some poor Viking had a really, really bad day. Well, I’m sure they had really, really bad days all the time but this one had to be stupendously bad.

In 1936 on the island of Gotland in a farmer’s field in Mastermyr, this barrel and chest was found when a farmer was plowing back and forth. First he struck a copper cauldron, then on a returning pass this old oak chest, wrapped in thick chains.

The farm was on reclaimed swampland, so it’s presumed the loot was lost while the previous owner was crossing it in a boat, or with a sled in the winter. Man, that must have sucked. Check out the contents!

Plenty more to read up on this really excellent report here: https://www.academia.edu/6344172/THE_MASTERMYR_FIND_A_Viking_Age_Tool_Chest_from_Gotland

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