The Blackener’s Cave

The Hallmundarhraun lava field—basalt dark, with great swells and a froth of white moss—looks like a stormy sea whipped into a frenzy and frozen in place. Looks like the gateway to Muspelheim if you ask me!

Lady of the Mountain – Iceland’s Völva

I’m glued to this video right now: Snorri “Then came the völva Gróa there, wife of Aurvandil the Bold. She sang her galðr [spell-songs] over Thor until the piece of stone loosened [from his flesh]. When Thor noticed this, and understood that there was a good hope that she would be able to completely remove the byrnie-piece, he wished to reward […]

Viking Longhouse Found in Downtown Reykjavik

Amazing what archaeologists are still finding. Archaeologists working in a former parking lot in Lækjargata street in downtown Reykjavík have uncovered what they believe is the ruins of the residence of a Viking era chieftain.