No Tattoo

I’m having the worst luck. This past fall I stopped considering and finally decided to go for the tattoo I’ve been thinking about for about a year and a half. I figure something like this deserves at least a year’s thought prior, to be sure I wasn’t just being impetuous. With my design planned out, I hunted for a tattoo […]

Viking Mug

They call it their Goat Story Coffee Mug, but lets be honest, it’s a modern viking mug. I saw this awhile back and contributed to the Kickstarter because I’ve been looking for something like this forever. Well, I’ve been looking for a decorative drinking horn, but come on, look at this thing! I’m a coffee junkie and this is the […]

A NEW temple to the Norse gods being built in Iceland

A new Viking temple, designed by Magnus Jensson, who teaches a university course that explores the relationship between architecture, sacred geometry, and religion, will be built in Iceland with an opening date of 2016. Communal housing will follow over the next ten years. In contrast to the phallic associations of other religious buildings in Reykjavik, this new dome’s shape is […]