No Tattoo

No Tattoo

I’m having the worst luck. This past fall I stopped considering and finally decided to go for the tattoo I’ve been thinking about for about a year and a half. I figure something like this deserves at least a year’s thought prior, to be sure I wasn’t just being impetuous.

With my design planned out, I hunted for a tattoo shop. I went in, set up an appointment with the tattooist, then met him a couple of weeks later. All was great, apparently, he loved the design and wanted to do it. Then radio silence. I emailed him, asking how things were going, and he hadn’t started. I emailed a few weeks later, same thing. This went on and on, so I called the shop, apparently he let a bunch of customers down.

Tattoo Shop #2

Same startup, went in and met a girl, she loved the idea and promised a drawing, so I put down a deposit and set up an appointment to get inked. Well today was the day, but just as I was walking out the door to head over I got a call from the shop saying she was sick and we’d have to reschedule. Now I have another month to wait. Sigh.

It will eventually have stuff like this on it, from my forearm up to my shoulder and upper back.

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