The Hávamál

The Hávamál Young and alone on a long road, Once I lost my way: Rich I felt when I found another; Man rejoices in man, A kind word need not cost much, The price of praise can be cheap: With half a loaf and an empty cup I found myself a friend, Two wooden stakes stood on the plain, On […]

Why We Kiss Under Mistletoe: Baldur

Amongst the heathen Norse, Baldur was regarded as the divine animating force behind the beauty of life at the peak of its strength and energy. Accordingly, his happy youth is the peak of the Norse mythical cycle as a whole, as summer is to the cycle of the year or noontime is to the cycle of the day. His death […]

Lady of the Mountain – Iceland’s Völva

I’m glued to this video right now: Snorri “Then came the völva Gróa there, wife of Aurvandil the Bold. She sang her galðr [spell-songs] over Thor until the piece of stone loosened [from his flesh]. When Thor noticed this, and understood that there was a good hope that she would be able to completely remove the byrnie-piece, he wished to reward […]

The Children of Odin

I’ve been listening to an audiobook of The Children of Odin in the car with Erik, these are great tales. It’s a retelling of the Eddas and the Volsung Saga for young adults by Padraic Colum. You can read it online here, or buy the book here.