She’s Sailing! 100 Feet of Viking Boat Beauty.

This giant boat, the Sea Stallion, is a recreation of the Skuldelev 2, one of six viking boats excavated in the 60s from the waters North of Roskilde Harbour in Denmark. This giant 100-foot boat was built over 4 years by the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, and now she’s sailing. I’m definitely adding this to my Must Do List next […]

Lady of the Mountain – Iceland’s Völva

I’m glued to this video right now: Snorri “Then came the völva Gróa there, wife of Aurvandil the Bold. She sang her galðr [spell-songs] over Thor until the piece of stone loosened [from his flesh]. When Thor noticed this, and understood that there was a good hope that she would be able to completely remove the byrnie-piece, he wished to reward […]

Gribshunden’s Head Emerges From The Baltic Sea

500 years ago this awesome looking Danish boat called the Gribshunden sunk off the East cost of Sweden in the Baltic Sea, fire and wooden boats don’t mix it seems. Recreational divers found the wreck in the 1970s, but it wasn’t until now that Swedish marine archaeologists were able to bring it up from the seafloor. Ironically, because it kind of […]