Yak yak yak….

  The ignorant booby had best be silent when he moves among other men, No one will know what a nit-wit he is until he begins to talk; No one knows less what a nit-wit he is, than the man who talks too much.

What About the Viking Women?

Was it a man’s world back in the Viking Age? I think any reasonable person today could say that a functional society depends on everyone’s contributions. There’s no doubt in my mind that back then women were as important as the men. Take sails, for example: “The textile production was probably organised hierarchically, where women supervised other women in extensive […]

Norse in the Isle of Lewis

In 1993 archaeologists from the University of Edinburgh found the remains of eight Late Iron Age houses, dating back to AD 500 – 700, before the Viking Age began. What they discovered is this early Scottish settlement eventually gave way to the Norse, probably as a popular trading hub. This excavation is the subject of a thesis by Jennifer E. Thoms, […]